about our firm

We all have different strengths. Taken together, they afford clients a comprehensive and superior level of service


Johnson Trent is more than just a collection of attorneys capable of providing expert legal counsel. When our law Firm takes a case, we do so with a total commitment of our resources and personnel.

From Senior Partners to first-year Associates, the entire staff draws on a background of training, intelligence and common sense to achieve one goal - satisfactory results for the Firm's clients. We are not the largest law Firm in Houston and we never will be. That is not our goal. Rather our goal is to be large enough to serve our clients' needs but small enough to manage effectively. Each of our lawyers is hand-selected based on their exceptional abilities and given the resources necessary to succeed.


Effective persuasion involves a compelling synthesis of visual, auditory and physical presentations to the audience. Honesty, credibility and conviction must resonate with the persuader.

Our Firm understands these basic tenets of the art of persuasion and integrates them into our style of litigation.


Well-reasoned decisions are a bedrock of our Firm. It is how we have built our reputation as a leader in our industry. It is how we will help you achieve your goal.


At Johnson Trent we believe that a successful legal practice is measured by the outcomes we achieve for our clients. Respecting your needs and understanding your business are at the heart of what we do. Building upon that history of personal service, we draw from extensive courtroom experience and outstanding litigation resources to get the job done - with common sense, creativity and integrity.

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